Server APIs

On the server-side RealityServer provides 3 APIs which allow for further customization. The RealityServer Web Services API allows for the extension of the built in web server functionality while the Neuray Services API allows for the implementation of new service commands. Both of these are implemented in native C++. Additionally, the V8 JavaScript API allows for application functionality to be implemented on the server rather than the client. Whilst JavaScript commands do not have direct access to the Iray rendering engine they can call any other commands to perform scene manipulation and rendering tasks. A suite of wrapper classes is also provided to allow elements to be modified more easily. These APIs all designed to provide a high level of performance when processing commands and in the web services architecture. They simplify both integration of RealityServer with other enterprise applications and provide the application structure required to support interactive and collaborative applications.

RealityServer Web Services API

You use this API to customize HTTP authorization, implement protocols such as SOAP, REST, and JSON-RPC, implement state and register user code.


neuray Services API

You use this API to implement new neuray service commands and event handlers.


Command Descriptions

A description of the commands shipped with RealityServer.


V8 JavaScript API

Server-side JavaScript plugin using the powerful V8 engine enables you to quickly and easily create new server-side commands using JavaScript rather than C++.