neuray API Programmer's Manual

mi::http::IWeb_socket_handler Class Reference

[HTTP server]


WebSocket handlers are responsible for handling WebSocket requests. For every request the handlers are asked if they are responsible for the request. They will be asked in the order they where added. If the handle() function of a handler returns true the subsequent handlers will not be asked anymore.

See also:

mi::http::IServer::install( IWeb_socket_handler*), mi::http::IServer::remove( IWeb_socket_handler*)

Public Member Functions

virtual bool  handle( IWeb_socket* web_socket) =0
Handles an incoming WebSocket request. More...

Member Functions

virtual bool mi::​http::​IWeb_socket_handler::handle( IWeb_socket* web_socket) [pure virtual]

Handles an incoming WebSocket request. Returns true, if the request was completely handled, i.e., no more handlers should be called. Returns false, if the request was not completely handled, i.e., subsequent handlers should be called.


The WebSocket on which the request came in.


true , if the request was completely handled, or false otherwise.