neuray API Programmer's Manual

File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:

annotation_wrapper.h [code]
Utility class for MDL annotations
argument_editor.h [code]
Utility class for MDL material instances and function calls
neuraylib/assert.h [code]
Assertions and compile-time assertions
math/assert.h [code]
Assertions and compile-time assertions
base/assert.h [code]
Assertions and compile-time assertions
atom.h [code]
32-bit unsigned counter with atomic arithmetic, increments, and decrements
base.h [code]
Base API
bbox.h [code]
An axis-aligned N-dimensional bounding box class template of fixed dimension with supporting functions
bsdf_isotropic_data.h [code]
Example implementations for abstract interfaces related to scene element Bsdf_measurement
color.h [code]
Standard RGBA color class with floating point elements and operations
condition.h [code]
Multithreading condition
config.h [code]
Configuration of the Base API
default_allocator.h [code]
Default allocator implementation based on global new and delete
definition_wrapper.h [code]
Utility class for MDL material and function definitions
enums.h [code]
Basic enums
factory.h [code]
Main factory function
function.h [code]
Math functions and function templates on simple types or generic container and vector concepts
handle.h [code]
Smart-pointer handle class for interfaces, const and non-const version
http.h [code]
A lightweight HTTP server
neuraylib/iallocator.h [code]
Abstract interface for allocators
base/iallocator.h [code]
Allocator interface class to dynamically allocate and deallocate memory
iarray.h [code]
Static array type
iattribute_container.h [code]
Scene element Attribute_container
iattribute_set.h [code]
Base class for database elements with attributes
iattribute_vector.h [code]
Attribute vectors, used for triangle and polygon meshes
ibbox.h [code]
Bounding box type
ibridge_client.h [code]
Bridge client
ibridge_server.h [code]
Bridge server
ibridge_video_client.h [code]
Bridge video handling
ibridge_video_server.h [code]
Bridge video handling
ibsdf_isotropic_data.h [code]
Abstract interfaces related to scene element Bsdf_measurement
ibsdf_measurement.h [code]
Scene element Bsdf_measurement
ibuffer.h [code]
Generic buffer interface
icache_manager.h [code]
API component to interact with the cache manager
icamera.h [code]
Scene element Camera
icanvas.h [code]
Abstract interface for canvases
icanvas_cuda.h [code]
Abstract interface for CUDA canvases
icanvas_opengl.h [code]
Abstract interface for OpenGL canvases
icluster_manager_configuration.h [code]
API component to interact with the cluster manager
icolor.h [code]
Color type
icompiled_material.h [code]
Scene element Compiled_material
icompound.h [code]
Compounds type, i.e., vectors, matrices, colors, spectrums, and bounding boxes
idata.h [code]
idatabase.h [code]
API component that provides access to the database
idatabase_configuration.h [code]
API component that provides access to the database configuration
idebug_configuration.h [code]
API component for debugging settings
idecal.h [code]
Scene element Decal
identifier.h [code]
Simple integer-based handles used by mesh interfaces
ideserializer.h [code]
Deserialization of objects from a byte stream
idictionary.h [code]
Dictionary structure used with functors
idynamic_array.h [code]
Dynamic array type
ienum.h [code]
Numeric types
ienum_decl.h [code]
Enum declarations
iexport_api.h [code]
API component for export operations and exporter management
iexport_result.h [code]
Result of an export operation
iexporter.h [code]
Abstract interface for exporters
iexpression.h [code]
Expressions of the MDL type system
iextension_api.h [code]
API component that allows extensions of the neuray API
ifactory.h [code]
API component for creation, assignment, and cloning of instances of types
ifibers.h [code]
Scene element Fibers
ifreeform_surface.h [code]
Scene element Freeform_surface
ifunction_call.h [code]
Scene element Function_call
ifunction_definition.h [code]
Scene element Function_definition
ifunctor.h [code]
Base interface for functors
igeneral_configuration.h [code]
API component for general settings
igeometry_simplifier.h [code]
Simplification functor
igpu_description.h [code]
Provides information about GPUs
igroup.h [code]
Scene element Group
ihost_callback.h [code]
Callback interface for notifications about joining or leaving hosts
ihost_properties.h [code]
Information about a local or remote host
iimage.h [code]
Scene element Image
iimage_api.h [code]
API component for various image-related functions
iimage_plugin.h [code]
Image plugin API
iimpexp_base.h [code]
Abstract base interface common for importers and exporters
iimpexp_state.h [code]
State passed to recursive calls of importers and exporters
iimport_api.h [code]
API component for import operations and importer management
iimport_result.h [code]
Result of an import operation
iimporter.h [code]
Abstract interface for importers
iinstance.h [code]
Scene element Instance
iinterface.h [code]
The basic extensible interface
iiray_bridge_client.h [code]
Bridge server
iiray_bridge_server.h [code]
Bridge server
iirradiance_probes.h [code]
Scene element Irradiance_probes
ilibrary_authentication.h [code]
API component for library authentication functionality
ilight.h [code]
Scene element Light
ilightprofile.h [code]
Scene element Lightprofile
ilogger.h [code]
Logger interface class that supports message logging
ilogging_configuration.h [code]
API component for logging related settings
imap.h [code]
Map type
imaterial_definition.h [code]
Scene element Material_definition
imaterial_instance.h [code]
Scene element Material_instance
imatrix.h [code]
Matrix types
imdl_archive_api.h [code]
API component that gives access to MDL archive functionality
imdl_backend.h [code]
Interfaces related to MDL compiler backends
imdl_backend_api.h [code]
API component for MDL backend related operations
imdl_compatibility_api.h [code]
API component that gives access to the MDL compatibility API
imdl_configuration.h [code]
API component for MDL related settings
imdl_discovery_api.h [code]
API component to discover MDL content in archives and file systems
imdl_distiller_api.h [code]
API component that gives access to the MDL distiller
imdl_entity_resolver.h [code]
Interfaces for resolving and accessing MDL entities
imdl_evaluator_api.h [code]
API component that gives access to the MDL evaluator
imdl_execution_context.h [code]
The MDL execution context and the IMessage class
imdl_factory.h [code]
API component that gives access to some MDL functionality
imdl_i18n_configuration.h [code]
API component for MDL internationalization settings
imdl_impexp_api.h [code]
API component for MDL related import and export operations
imdl_loading_wait_handle.h [code]
Interface to handle waiting for threads and notifying waiting threads
imdl_module_builder.h [code]
MDL module builder
imdl_module_transformer.h [code]
The MDL module transformer
imdle_api.h [code]
API component that gives access to the MDL Encapsulator API
imodule.h [code]
Scene element Module
inetwork_configuration.h [code]
API component for networking related settings
inetwork_statistics.h [code]
Interface to inquire network statistics
ineuray.h [code]
Main Neuray API interface
inode_manager.h [code]
Node manager API
interface_declare.h [code]
Mixin class template for deriving new interface declarations
interface_implement.h [code]
Mixin class template for deriving interface implementations
interface_merger.h [code]
Mixin class template to merge an interface with an implementation
inumber.h [code]
Numeric types
ion_demand_mesh.h [code]
Scene element On_demand_mesh
ioptions.h [code]
Scene element Options
ipick_array.h [code]
Result of a pick operation (array of hits)
ipick_result.h [code]
Result of a pick operation (single hit)
iplugin.h [code]
Abstract interface for neuray API plugins
iplugin_api.h [code]
API component provided to plugins
iplugin_configuration.h [code]
API component for plugin related settings
ipointer.h [code]
Pointer type
ipolygon_connectivity.h [code]
Polygon connectivities and associated helper classes
ipolygon_mesh.h [code]
Scene element Polygon_mesh
iprogress_callback.h [code]
Callback interface for progress
iprojector.h [code]
Scene element Projector
iproxy.h [code]
Scene element Group
iqueue_manager_api.h [code]
API component to interact with the queue manager
ireader.h [code]
Readers, used by importers
ireader_writer_base.h [code]
Base interface common for readers and writers
iready_callback.h [code]
Callback interface for notifications when rendering finished
iref.h [code]
Type that holds a reference to a database element
irender_context.h [code]
Context for rendering and picking operations
irender_counters.h [code]
Performance counters for render modes
irender_target.h [code]
Abstract interface for render targets
irender_target_cuda.h [code]
Abstract interface for CUDA render targets
irender_target_opengl.h [code]
Abstract interface for OpenGL render targets
irendering_configuration.h [code]
API component for rendering related settings
iscene.h [code]
The scene object
iscene_element.h [code]
Base class for all scene elements
ischeduling_configuration.h [code]
API component for scheduling related settings
iscope.h [code]
Database scopes
isection_object.h [code]
Scene element Section object
iserializer.h [code]
Serialization of objects to a byte stream
isimple_mesh.h [code]
Scene element On_demand_mesh
ispectrum.h [code]
Spectrum type
istream_position.h [code]
Position in a data stream
istring.h [code]
String type
istructure.h [code]
Structure type
istructure_decl.h [code]
Structure declarations
isubdivision_surface.h [code]
Scene element Subdivision_surface
itessellator.h [code]
Tessellator functor
itexture.h [code]
Scene element Texture
itile.h [code]
Abstract interface for tiles
itimer_configuration.h [code]
API component that allows to start timers to elapse at configured timer times triggering callbacks
itransaction.h [code]
Database transactions
itriangle_connectivity.h [code]
Triangle connectivities and associated helper classes
itriangle_mesh.h [code]
Scene element Triangle_mesh
itype.h [code]
Types of the MDL type system
iuser_class.h [code]
Abstract interface for user-defined classes
iuser_class_factory.h [code]
Abstract interface for factories for user-defined class
iuuid.h [code]
UUID type
ivalue.h [code]
Values of the MDL type system
ivector.h [code]
Vector types
iversion.h [code]
Interface for accessing version information
ivideo_plugin.h [code]
Video plugin API
ivolume.h [code]
Scene element Volume
iwelder.h [code]
Welder functor
iwriter.h [code]
Writers, used by exporters
lock.h [code]
Multithreading locks
math.h [code]
Math API
matrix.h [code]
A NxM-dimensional matrix class template of fixed dimensions with supporting functions
matrix_typedefs.h [code]
Typedefs for types from the math API
miwindows.h [code]
Include a lean version of windows.h
neuraylib.h [code]
Neuray API
plugin.h [code]
Base class for all plugins
rtmp.h [code]
An RTMP server
set_get.h [code]
Helper functions to set/get values of mi::IData
spectrum.h [code]
Spectrum class with floating point elements and operations
std_allocator.h [code]
Standard STL allocator implementation
target_code_types.h [code]
Types required for execution of generated native and CUDA code
type_traits.h [code]
Type traits
typedefs.h [code]
Typedefs for types from the math API
types.h [code]
Basic types
uuid.h [code]
A 128 bit representation of a universally unique identifier (UUID or GUID)
vector.h [code]
Math vector class template of fixed dimension with arithmetic operators and generic functions
vector_typedefs.h [code]
Typedefs for types from the math API
neuraylib/version.h [code]
Major and minor version number and an optional qualifier
math/version.h [code]
Major and minor version number and an optional qualifier
base/version.h [code]
Major and minor version number and an optional qualifier